Empowering women to live healthier lives through Integrative Health Coaching


Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative health coaching is about supporting you in making the changes in your life that will help you live a healthier and more meaningful life. What is it you need to do to be healthier: reduce stress? lose weight? improve your relationships? eat better? be more active? Through the coaching relationship that is collaborative and empowering we set realistic holistic goals that fit into your lifestyle and your timeframe. For more information: What is Integrative Health Coaching?

Fees are per session ($95) or a package of 8 for $725.

Integrative Guided Imagery Session

Use imagery to improve health, promote healing and reduce stress. With integrative imagery you are actively involved in the imagery experience, making this a very personalized and transformative experience. You can use integrative guided imagery to tap into your inner healer to acquire insight into a health issue, relieve pain or create a special place of comfort and relaxation. Imagery can also help you access your inner strength to cope with fear or an illness. The sessions usually take about 30-45 minutes. It begins with a brief assessment and explanation, then the actual imagery experience and concludes with a few minutes to debrief about what happened during the session. Fees on a per session basis ($75). For more information.

All visits are conducted video or telephone for your convenience. 

Before your first visit please read and complete the following forms:

Integrative health coaching:

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

Coaching agreement

Client info form

Vision MAP

Core Areas of Health

Integrative Imagery:

Imagery intake form

Imagery consent

Note: All services are paid for at the time of the visit.