Empowering women to live healthier lives through Integrative Health Coaching

“Health and Wellness coaching has been an intentional space where I feel renewed. A special time set aside to be reflective of my path, my patterns and choose my next steps thoughtfully. Priscilla is an excellent coach, like a mirror, her reflection gives me one of the greatest gifts- to be deeply listened to.” Dawn

“Priscilla is a skilled coach and listener.  She has helped me to make meaningful change in my overall wellbeing and health goals through her insightful questioning, kind accountability and gentle probing to find the heart of what works to change habits.  I found it particularly useful to use her SMART goal approach applied to health in ways that I have not done in the past- though I’ve certainly used that framework in business and other personal goals.  I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone wishing to invest time and energy into making lasting changes to improve well-being, life satisfaction and health. ” Brigette

“A truly gifted and skilled healer, Priscilla provides women with the very best of conventional and complementary medical care.” Tieraona Low Dog, MD


“Priscilla Abercrombie will be a leader in engaging the nursing profession as full partners in the transformation of medicine and health care in America.                            Dr. Andrew Weil

“I wasn’t certain that the coaching experience would be of value to someone like me who already knows what it takes to be in optimal health. I was wrong!! There is quite a difference between “knowing” and “doing”.  Priscilla helped me to think about each of the major areas that make up a healthy life and then verbalize those areas that needed work.  She helped me to prioritize and then form a workable plan for each area I felt needed improving. I set goals to work on between each session with specific steps that I would take to achieve these goals. It was completely up to me to formulate each step. While she guided me to make each plan, she did not suggest what I “should do” and let me come to my own conclusions. It was quite a unique and eye-opening experience. It was a challenge but one that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take charge of their own health and well-being. ”   Carolyn