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Happy Holidays!


It’s that time of the year! Colds and flu are common and I hate to say it but spending time with family and friends is the ideal opportunity to pick up viruses. Enjoy your time together but also protect yourself. First, remember to wash your hands, it really decreases your exposure to germs. Next, consider some other preventive measures such as medicinal mushrooms (Ex. Host Defense) and botanicals that can support your immune system. Here is a recipe for elderberry syrup from Mountain Rose Herb Company. I just made it yesterday and it is delicious! You can even put it on pancakes or add it to bubbly water and enjoy. And here is a recipe for fire cider, you can get a batch going now. It is a nice spicy way to ward off an oncoming cold. Of course during the holidays and the winter season we often times exercise less and eat poorly, leaving us more vulnerable to colds. Keep in mind that overdoing the alcohol and sugar can also raise havoc with your immune system. Do your best to take care of your body this holiday season and you will be rewarded with more time to play and enjoy loved ones. Wishing you many blessings during the holidays and in 2017!