Empowering women to live healthier lives through Integrative Health Coaching


Reflections on Coaching

It has been a big change for me changing my practice from direct patient care in a public health clinic or university setting to providing coaching. Now that I have been away from the clinic setting for almost 3 years I realize how stressful it was! Juggling all the responsibilities of being a provider in addition to trying to be present and whole heartedly listening to patients does not work in our present health care system. Now that I am able to connect with others in a coaching relationship, I am so much more satisfied as a provider. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to be completely present, listen authentically and respond thoughtfully to each person I see. In addition, I have been able to witness such beautiful meaningful transformation in the people I care for now. People come to me ready to take responsibility for their health and to make significant changes. I am so grateful that my path has taken me down this road and that I am able to provide care in this way!pexels-photo-132037.jpeg